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Mentorship Program

GSHP's mentoring program is designed to provide an avenue for the development of relationships between a more experienced mentor and a less experienced mentee with the focus on enhancing personal and professional growth as well as skill development.  Mentors can share their personal journey and professional expertise with pharmacy students who are seeking guidance. (AJPE 2013;77(2)Article23). The mentoring program matches a mentor with a student for the duration of the school year. Both mentors and mentees can sign up to participate in the program each year and will be assigned a new mentor/mentee yearly.

Mentors – Watch for the sign up to be a mentor.

GSHP Mentors may volunteer to take 1-3 students per school year and are encouraged to meet with them regularly throughout the school year. We recommend that mentors plan to contact their mentee(s) at least monthly. Meetings may take place over the phone or virtually, though all mentors should plan at least one in-person meeting during the year. A GSHP meeting is a great time to have an in-person meeting!

Mentors must be current registered Georgia pharmacist members of GSHP and be willing to actively participate in the GSHP Mentor Program possessing the following attributes:

- Committed to being a mentor and making the mentoring relationship meaningful

- Committed to professional growth

- Strong interpersonal and listening skills

- Committed to developing a respectful, confidential mentoring relationship


Mentors should commit to the following:

- Provide guidance, encouragement, and support to mentee in goals

- Maintain confidentiality

- Identify and introduce mentee to resources to ensure continued personal and professional development

- Provide continuous advice and feedback

- Provide feedback to mentee in regards to the benefits and possible improvements to relationship


Mentees – Watch for the sign up to be a mentee.


GSHP’s mentoring program is open to all students who are current members of their local college chapter and members of GSHP. Student membership in GSHP is only $20 per year. To join, visit

Mentors are all GSHP volunteers. We have asked that mentors be in contact with their mentee approximately once monthly during this school year via email or by phone and are encouraged to have one in-person meeting during the year. Students are expected to communicate professionally and promptly with their mentor throughout the year.

We're happy that you are interested in this new GSHP program. Every effort will be made to match students with an appropriate mentor but please expect to be flexible and know that we cannot guarantee a mentor for every interested student.

For more information about the program, please contact one of your GSHP Student-Resident Committee Co-Chairs:

Anthony Hawkins, PharmD, BCCCP ( or

Christy Forehand, PharmD, BCCCP   (

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